API’s Pipeline Safety Management System (SMS) Assessment Program: Enhancing Pipeline Safety With Independent, Third-Party Expert Teams

Why should my operating company apply to be part of the Pipeline SMS Assessment Program?

If you are interested in enhancing your pipeline safety management system with independent, third-party expert teams, download the Pipeline SMS Assessment Program Application. Additional information on the assessment program, timeline and pricing are also available.

During a Pipeline SMS assessment, a team of independent, third-party safety management system experts (“assessors”) spend about a week at an operator’s site, working with employees and leadership (across operations and in the field) to fully understand the current pipeline safety processes, programs and systems. The assessment is based on API Recommended Practice 1173 and is designed to assist operators in evaluating the conformity, effectiveness and maturity of the existing Pipeline SMS.

Don’t expect a typical checklist and observation. Whether operating liquid, gas, or both – Pipeline SMS Assessments promote step changes in performance, promote the sharing of experience and industry-wide practices from experts, and serves as a feedback mechanism to identify industry trends and patterns. As a newly launched program, Pipeline SMS assessments will help operators benchmark their programs to help each operator enhance pipeline safety.

Pipeline SMS Assessments allow operators to customize assessments based on their size and priorities. Using independent and credible third-party teams of pipeline and safety management system expert assessors, Pipeline SMS offers operators a unique opportunity for each operator to engage directly with assessors during an assessment, who average 20 years of industry experience.

If you are interested in enhancing your company’s culture of safety, click here to download the Pipeline SMS Assessment application. Additional information on the assessment program, timeline and pricing are also available.

Program Benefits & Opportunities:

  • Credible 3rd party independent assessment by experienced, qualified individuals
  • Evaluates the conformity of programs, processes, systems and effectiveness of implementation
  • Evaluates maturity and effectiveness of existing PSMS and implementation of RP 1173
  • Provides opportunities for learning from sharing experiences and industry practices
  • Industry Benchmarking allows you to gauge performance against the industry

The Pipeline SMS Assessment Program will be implemented and managed by the API Global Industry Services (GIS) Department.

API GIS does not assume any liability for how the information is implemented and/or used and each site is responsible for ensuring that its own standards, practices, and procedures comply with all applicable requirements and are appropriately suited for the site specific operating environment.

Inquiries regarding having your site assessed as a part of this program can be made to [email protected].