WASHINGTON, October 3, 2023 – The Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS) Industry Team published the 2022 Annual Report. For the second year in a row, the report found that nearly 85% of total industry mileage participated in voluntary Pipeline SMS implementation. Pipeline safety management systems help liquid and gas transmission, gas distribution, and gathering operators, as well as pipeline contractors create a safety culture and work to advance a zero-incident future.

“As we are well into 2023, critical steps emerge in our journey of continuous improvement and improved safety performance,” said Patrick Carey, Industry Team Chair and Director of Operations with Kinder Morgan. “A group of operators developed a list of potential revisions to the RP in 2022 and will start working through revisions in earnest in 2023 through an open process for any interested parties. Additionally, the Team remains committed to supporting PHMSA’s study on Pipeline SMS implementation among gas distribution operators. Something else that is new this year is the alignment of a couple of Safety Culture Survey processes that have been used over the years between liquid and gas transmission operators. These significant developments highlight the voluntary commitment of pipeline operators to SMS implementation in the pursuit of zero operating incidents. Our 2023 theme, One Industry, One Team, One Mission, Pipeline Safety, reflects this shared vision among all pipeline segments to improve pipeline safety through SMS.”

After the publication of API Recommended Practice (RP) 1173, Pipeline Safety Management Systems, in 2015, the pipeline industry began efforts to promote the commitment to and implementation of RP 1173. The Pipeline SMS Industry Team supports industry’s PSMS implementation journey and fosters good practice sharing by outlining implementation tools, program elements and training materials for operators and contractors throughout the year. In 2022, the Team’s Annual Survey found that nearly 85% of total pipeline mileage has adopted PSMS and is implementing the voluntary program.

Pipeline SMS is led by API, the Liquids Pipeline Energy Association (LEPA), American Gas Association (AGA), American Public Gas Association (APGA), GPA Midstream Association, American Pipeline Contractors Association (APCA), Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), and Distribution Contractors Association (DCA).

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