The Implementation Tool is modeled after the API RP 1173 Planning Tool (a.k.a. the Gap Analysis Tool), and contains the same Element / Sub-Element breakdown of 71 questions related to API RP 1173 requirements. Operators which have used the Planning Tool to develop their initial action plan for the development of pipeline safety management system programs and procedures can easily use the Implementation Tool to summarize their overall progress in implementation, using the same implementation levels as the Pipeline SMS Maturity Model.

Pipeline SMS Implementation Tool

The Implementation Tool is an Excel Spreadsheet with 4 tabs: Implementation Level, Pie Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, and Progress Chart.
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Instructions: API RP 1173 Implementation Tool

This guidance document explains how to use the API RP 1173 Pipeline SMS Implementation Tool to evaluate, track, and summarize a pipeline Operator’s development and implementation of programs and procedures to conform to API RP 1173.
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