Pipeline SMS Evaluation Tool
Pipeline SMS Evaluation Guidance and Tool Instructions

This guidance document explains how to use the API RP 1173 Pipeline SMS Implementation Tool to evaluate, track, and summarize a pipeline Operator’s development and implementation of programs and procedures to conform to API RP 1173. Use of this tool is voluntary and does not certify Operator’s adherence to API RP 1173 or any other standard, rule, or regulation.

This guidance document is intended for internal use by those pipeline operators that do not already have an internal auditing process which addresses operational systems. Operators can deviate from this guidance as appropriate for their operations and to conform with their existing internal audit procedures. Operators may wish to consult with members of their in-house legal team as they navigate the guidance document and various tools.

The Pipeline SMS Evaluation Tool provides a simple method to document and summarize the evaluator’s evaluation of an Operator’s Pipeline SMS on its conformance to the RP (levels 1 – 3 on the maturity model), its effectiveness in implementation (level 4 on the maturity model), and its effectiveness in improving pipeline safety performance (level 5 on the maturity model). The Pipeline SMS Evaluation Tool can be used by evaluators for all segments of the pipeline industry: gas distribution, gas transmission, and liquids. While the evaluation tool is intended for use by operators who have reached level 3 (implemented) on the maturity model for most of the elements in the RP, it can be used at all levels of maturity. Users of the Evaluation Tool should be thoroughly familiar with API RP 1173 as well as the maturity model and the other reference materials available at www.pipelinesms.org.