API provides free online viewing access to nearly 200 key industry standards that have been incorporated into federal regulation. Although API RP 1173 has not been incorporated, API is including it in its online catalog of standards. Printed hard copies and PDF versions continue to be available at the API Publications Store.

To access an online version of RP 1173, please click here. You will need to create an account by providing your name, company and email address, entering in the verification code at the bottom of the page, and submitting your email in the “Log In” field. Click “Submit” and your account has been created!

After you have clicked Submit and your account has been created, you will be redirected back to the Log In Page. If you enter your email in the Log In field and click “Start Reading”, you will be taken to the Acceptance of Terms.


Once on the Acceptance of Terms page, you can click “I agree.” The next page will be the Access to API U.S. IBR Standards, where you can click the “Browse read only documents now – Click here.”

After clicking the “Click here” link, you will proceed to the Browse Read-Only Documents, where you can access Pipeline Transportation standards.

The next page will be the Browse Read-Only Documents for Pipeline Transportation. To access a free online version of RP 1173, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Recommended Practice 1173” link.

For any questions or concerns accessing the document, please contact the API Publications Department at [email protected].