Pipeline SMS is Flexible Enough for Any Company

The details in API RP 1173 are also intended to be scalable for pipeline operators of varying size and scope. The number of employees at a liquid pipeline operator can range from a handful to thousands. A local gas distributor or municipal operator may have only a few employees. An interstate transmission pipeline company may have entire divisions of subject matter experts. The 10 essential elements comprising the framework apply to organizations of any size and sophistication. Specific application of those elements to the operations and processes of a given operator will reflect the scale of that operator. The framework elements and principles underlying it are broadly applicable, and strongly recommended, for energy pipeline operators of all sizes. The level of detail in each pipeline operator’s Pipeline SMS should be appropriate for the size of their operations and the risk to the public and the environment. For very small operators with a handful of employees, adoption of all provisions within this RP may not be practical. However, even small operators can build on the provisions given in the document.