Phase 1: Commitment Letter

Phase One in the Pipeline SMS journey is signaling company agreement to adopting API RP 1173 by signing the Pipeline SMS Commitment Letter.

95% of liquids pipeline industry barrel miles have committed to Pipeline SMS

Phase 2: Group Membership Letter

The next step is companies’ commitment to participate in the API Pipeline SMS Group, through their signing the Pipeline SMS Group Membership Letter. This Group will educate stakeholders and enhance safe pipeline operations through the implementation and use of API RP 1173. Members will exchange ideas, information and lessons about the implementation of API RP 1173 in an effort to advance pipeline safety for individual companies and the industry as a whole.

Over 91% have committed to joining the Pipeline SMS Group

After API receives the completed Pipeline SMS Commitment Letter and Group Membership Agreement, the Pipeline SMS Group logo will be sent to the operator and can be used. API and AOPL will use Pipeline SMS Commitment Letters and Group Membership Agreements to develop aggregated statistics and information about industry-wide participation and communicate this positive effort to external stakeholders.